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New to me 9760, first time to the field with it and thrashed some lentils today and I find out the grain loss, or Visiontrak doesn't seem to work. The returns monitor seems to work fine, but there is nothing showing on the chaffer and rotor bar graphs at all. Once in a while there is a blip of something shows up in the middle graph, and maybe one bar on the rotor side of the graph.
What is the first things to check? Is there a calibration procedure for it? When I press the CAL button a '1' shows up at the top. When I press the up/down arrow keys I can change the numbers from 1-99 but it doesn't seem to make the graphs work.
Is there a way to make just the rotor sensor work or just the chaffer, or both?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I kinda feel lost without a loss monitor
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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