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9760 Unload Auger

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My unload auger wouldn't unload wet corn, the cause was traced back to a worn out unload vertical auger. Since I bought this combine used, I was wondering how long do these parts last and if anyone has ever seen one wore out in only 450 sepeator hours?
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Did you lower the guards down in the hopper so it will restrict the corn? If not do that. We have done 45% corn this year and without doing that we would of had problems unloading also. Hard to think that your auger is worn out.
Yes we did lower the hopper shields, but the auger is worn to the point where it no longer is capable of doing the job, and has been replaced. My question is what is the typical lifespan of the vertical part of the unload auger and is there any way that it could be worn out in 450 seperator hours?
I guess if all of the 450 was done in corn it is possible.
i find it very hard to believe that the auger would be worn out at 450 hours....unless they used some very cheap thin metal for the auger. "high" moisture corn isn't THAT hard on augers.
the problem is the unloading system can't handle the wet corn! we are on our 3rd vertical auger and second gear case shaft. this is on a 9770! the nuts is not made heavy enough its the same gear case used on the machines with small augers go figure!
It could also be the auger is out of time... could cause a bottleneck and excess backlegging of grain not bein taken away and thus behind ran over the auger several times.
i wish this was the case farmerjones! this problem has been flooding our local jd dealer shop. i know of 6 other machines having the same problem and one with 17hrs on it! our 9770 has 1100hrs on it the flighting is still good but the the welds fail that hold the splinded bushing in the auger tube and results in cracking the tube all to heck.
Had this same exact thing happen to the shorter of two horizontal augers on our new this year 9670 with one of the two auger covers down
We have had MULTIPLE failures of the lower hub on the 60 series with high unload rate augers. It is due to the hub is not welded in straight and it "walks" on the splined shaft breaking the welds and the tube. Since Deere figured this out we have not had any more failures with the ones we replaced.
i had a 9870's vertical walk up the splines last week. 280 sep hours just got started in 30% corn, all was wheat, beans, and canola before that with no problems. if there is a weak spot, wet corn will find it.
i have also seen 9860's with 250 sep hours in which the vertical auger flighting was flat worn out. razor sharp and jagged on top. doing edible beans in the dirt. just like sand paper
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