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Hey Greeniron

We are busy doing sunflowers right now with a 2005 9860.

The flowers are oils and they are running about 2100 to 2500lbs
to the acre. They are about 12% moisture


round bar concaves

Rotor 330
Concave 38
Fan 870
Top chaffer 16
Sieve 9

30ft header with 12 inch pans

Hopper does appear to be on the dirty side but not bad

If the flowers are really dry like 8%, there will be more trash getting in the hopper

It really depends on conditions.


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You need filler plates that covers up the grate area. We had like 6 on each grates on ours. Did a great job of pushing clean sample up into the hopper. Averaged 2300lbs this year. This was oilseed sunflowers. Hope this helps.
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