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9770 head?

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Just wondering what anyone running 9770 combines would recommend using for straight cutting canola, wheat, and barley. Looking at either draper or flex head. Straight cutting canola is something we nave never done, and we are wondering what everyones experiences have been, and which head you are using and why.
Thanks in advance.
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I guess it depends how many acres of canonla you are gonna straight cut. If it would be more then 500 acres I would recommend an auger header, even if it was an old cheap 930. for everything else I would go with a draper. We have a 936 and love it. The only thing it was not good in was the canola. The canvas drive does not have enough power plus with all the shelling going on the seeds get in behind the canvas and ontop of the drive rollers and you are screwed. You can clean it out but you only do one hopper and you are back in the same spot. Plus I think you lose way more with a draper compared to an auger header in canola. The john deere drapers are great though in cereals and peas.
The new 600 Drapers work great they feed it very well.
Thanks for that info duchek, just wonder when you straight cut canola with your auger header, if you are finding alot of canola shelling ahead of the cutter bar? It seems to me there is not alot of room on the platform ahead of the auger for the canola to fall on. Also are rotoshears something a person should consider? After looking at some of the draper headers, I can't help to wonder how all the canola would clean out from around the centre canvas.We tried out 936 header on a demo 9770 in wheat last fall and it worked great there, but we didn't get a chance to try it in canola. I haven't seen the new 635 draper headers yet, just wondering if anyone has used a 936 and a 635 header and what they think about the two?
You would want to use a 930 flex for canola as the cutterbar is further ahead and would have less shelling loss. A customer of mine uses a 974 Macdon for canola and loves it. There is a little bit of loss around the center canvas but feeding is great and no trouble with canvases stalling.
Hi greentech...... Would you recommend a Macdon over the deere header? Not familiar with the Macdon 974. Is it auger or draper? One of my neighbors has a Macdon on a lexion combine and loves it. But I think his is a draper header.
I think the plants are bent over enough over the header by the reel by the time they start to shell on a 930, I guess a 930 fkex woiuld be better then a rigid because of the longer floor.

This fall we were helping our friends and they straight cut about 3000-4000 acres of canola with 930 rigids with bat reels. No problems at all. They sure made my 936 look bad when I couldn't get my canvase's to drive.
Have you ever done a comparison between swathed canola and straight combined canola for yield loss? Is there alot of shattering going on the at dividing board?
I wouldn't want to give an excact number because we have done any side by side in the same field. Our canola that we did straight yielded a little less then the swathed stuff and came off tough also. In the end with chemical cost and application, along with shattering it probaly cost me about $ 30 an acre. I think the variety that you use is very important.

On the ends of the header the canola is all shelled out where it rubs past the crop. The end of a 936 is pretty bulky compared to a 930.

We aren't parking the swather yet, in fact we bought a new one, so I can safely say we are not convinced of straight cutting canola. We still are going to straight cut a couple quarters every year just to try to find something that works.
JD 635D draper head. I have some for sale if you are interested.
Just wondering if there is any header out there that would fit a 2008 4895 JD swather that could also be used on a 9770 combine for straight combining. Would be nice to have one header that would fit both machines.
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Sorry guys....... Just sitting here thinking about the drives on both machines and I can't see how it could possibly work. I guess I will have no choice but to get a second header.
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why couldn't buy a honeybee? It would fit on both machines but then you have to take the adaptor off and on.
Hi Duchek...........
I have a Honey Bee header on my 4895 swather and it is all powered by hydraulic orbit motors. If I remember right the headers on the 9770 have pto shafts.
That is what the adaptor is for. There is a famer near me that id running an HB on his 9770. Its a pain in the a** though to take the adaptor on and off though.
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