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This is how Adaptive Curves works off the last pass, it makes a new A/B line on each pass and that will be used on your next pass.

Adaptive curves can be used in all fields, but is highly recommended when the path changes while going through the field, heading changes significantly, or the curve is U-shaped. Adaptive Curves has an added feature making RowFinder able to be selected with a toggle button. The row sensors can be used to steer the combine whenever they are engaged on a row. Curve Track Recording must be ON. This will establish the first pass, and allow straight line extensions to occur.

Adaptive Curves only get projected to the adjacent pass, but have the advantage of handling different curve shapes, and potential guess row errors don’t get accumulated throughout the field.

If multiple combines are in the field, Adaptive Curves does not allow skipping a pass. Adaptive Curves in this scenario may only work if the track spacing of the other combine(s) is added to its own. For instance, if a 12 row head is following an 8 row head on 30 inch rows while harvesting together in the same field, each would need a track spacing of 20 rows (50 feet).

The use of adaptive curves is recommended when the path will frequently change throughout the field. Adaptive Curves only projects the next path over.
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