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9770 row sense

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Have a 9770 w/row sense. When going down the rows the steer tires are constantly moving back and forth alot like sensitivity is set too high.Have adjusted up and down and doesn't seem to make any difference. Have calibrated sensors, TCM, no change.Any help?
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It works just fine on both our 9670s, no excessive wheel turn. Have you adjusted the steering sensitivity in the Original Greenstar Display->setup->AutoTrac side of it or just in the GS2 pro->Guidence? Just a side note to all the guys looking at rowsence... since we have 2 combines and they cant share adaptive curve guidance lines the one question that i asked to all the Deere guys that i could was "Will it guide the combine without an autotrac line using just the sensors only?" No one could tell me but now i know, YES it will and it works great
We run adaptive curves and it works without a gps line. Once you get into the corn hit 2 or 3 a time or 2 and autotrac will take over
Ill agree with that. But We have hill ground with lots of point rows and only have 150 acres in 2 fields that we use strait track. I dont need a projected path to get me to the next round, It just needs to follow rows once i get it on the one I want. Rowsense in adaptive curve mode doesnt require any gps guidence line to function, so on our ground with 2 combines in the same field I dont have a guidence line to follow half the time so im running on rowsense feelers only most of the time and it works really well. So I still have to figure witch rows to take when i have to skip in a few rows but when i get on the rows i want it will keep me on those rows no matter where they go.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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