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I had the bolts between the flex coupler hub ( # 71386880 ) and the flex coupling( #71370165 ) fail today. I'd cut one load of beans and stopped for lunch when I started the engine back up the last bolt must have broke. No output from the engine main drive. All 6 bolts broke off in the hub and the bolt holes ruined in the coupling.

It looks like it will take the hub and the coupling along with new bolts. I am also replacing the 2 bearings on the PTO stub shaft while it is apart.

Thanks goodness for the crane on the service truck getting that heavy dude off the bellhousing and down to the ground !

I knew something was wrong as soon as it started because the engine fired right up instead off coughing and puking for a few seconds like usual as the rpm's overcome the hyd. pump load during cranking !

Is this coupling failure common and is there any updates that I should look into ?

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