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2 of our 9860s came equipped with accutrak, and the brown box green star in the cab ( and yes the card and it was activated as well :p) Long story short one 9860 has a starfire 3000 on it and works flawlessly, the other one does too but I get a SID 2 error on the screen with this code in the faults list.

523824.5 sid 2 current

I double checked that and it is exactly as it was listed on the screen.

It isnt even listed in the book, and even if it was they say to phone your dealer for repair. :rolleyes: good luck on that, dealer wouldnt even phone us back when we said we wanted to order 2 starfire antennas. So I wanna fix it ourselves. I have a feeling it is to do with the 2 plugs under the steering column becuase they were removed to do some work in the steer column (we had to adjust the bearing inside the column and few other things so it turned nicer) Now I am wondering what we hooked up wrong or did wrong.

I tried switching the plugs around with each other, leaving 1 plugged in, and other not, all different kind of combinations.

any help would be appreciated
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