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9860 duals

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I've been keeping up with the thread below comparing the 20.8x42 duals and floaters and think its pretty much a toss up between the two. We're running the 20.8x42 on a 9860 and its startin to look like we're gonna be a muddy situation on about 800 acres of rice and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a scraper that mounts on the frame of the combine and goes between the duals? We used to run them on cotton pickers when it was muddy and it worked great. Any ideas? Thanks for any information.
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You may have to call to find a dealer. Most around here sell them, but I'm not sure where you're located. They're very good to work with.
They will bawl up and you will have problems. We put a 8 inch spacer on outside dual to gain distance between them. Lower outside air pressure to 18psi so you wont put a lot of pressure on final drive if you get on a bank where outside dual tries to carry weight of combine. This is the ONLY way you can run them in mud.
Do you have axle extensions what size rear tires do you have we have one with them and one without them the mud has been balling up in between the tires and the frame on us the mud was bad before the rain so I know its worse now the last day we cut I got an 8010 with 900 65 32 and 28 l 26 rice tires stuck if you have any problems I got a big steiger with rice tires and all the big cables and straps pull clevises to get it out good luck
we had some good luck last fall with this setup. very simple and effective

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Thanks men, we're probably gonna go with a scraper set up of some kind, probably be homemade. We're running 28L 26's with r-1 tread on them. We're gonna space them out some more too probably. Thanks for the offer on that steiger but if the 9220 with snatch blocks won't get it out not much hope for the steiger.
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