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9860 variable sheave bearings

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The feeder house upper sheave bearings went out on our 9860 at 800 hrs, causing a fire and doing a little damage but could have been a lot worse. Next set lasted 90 hours, and now went out again today after 60 more hours. Mechanic let it slip they've had some bad bearings and it makes me wonder if I shouldn't get some help on this and also really makes me mad that they would have let me unknowingly run it with bad bearings being that it's such a fire hazard. Does anyone know anything about this?
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We have had very few bearings go out on the upper FH variable speed. What we have been having is alot of the upper brackets that the sheaves mount on break. We found 6 last week that had cracks in them. After we removed them there were cracks on the back side where the post is welded.
The big thing to look at is the hub in the sheaves. The "dogs" that drive the sheaves have been known to strip out if they arent greased enough. If they strip out it will cause the belt to slip and build up excess heat.
As far ar the bearings have your local dealer enter a DTAC case or call their TCSM.
I put in two sets one year. You have to be very diligent about cycling the sheaves in and out at least once a day. We also had a cracked stabilizer bracket that was causing excess vibration.
We had lots of problems in that area with the dogs wearing out on the upper sheaves and ended up replacing the inner sheave, when the sheave with the dogs in it messes up and it is replaced the inside sheave needs to be replaced also, we kept burning up bearing and the dogs in the sheaves until we replaced the inner sheave, we replaced the outer sheave 4 times and local dealer did it 3 times before we got it figured out
Inner sheave will look fine, but can be slightly worm and will cause heat to build up
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