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9870-header wont move

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have a 2011 9870 that the header wont move after taking out of storage . It did this same thing last year and was fixed by pushing stuck valve soliniod ,valves are free and loose any help would be apprec. thanks
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This is funny. Just did the same thing on our 9770 yesterday. I just took the valve apart sprayed it down with carb cleaner and it worked after putting it back together. good luck. gotta love all the electric over hydraulic qwerks the storage does to our fancy new machines
Try checking plugs on the hydro pump sensors and or it could be a dud sensor. Had a driver fracture the end of a sensor up there once and it didn't even put up any codes, just wouldn't move.

Maybe some rats or gophers or beavers:eek:have chewed a wire down on the gearbox sensors but you would get a code from down there.
I assume you mean the feederhouse won't lower? If so, got one of our 9770's out for corn harvest, f/h wouldn't go down, had to crack hose on cylinder to get it to go down, as soon as I started it the f/h would go full up. $1200 valve fixed the problem, don't know how it broke setting in shed. Worked fine cutting oats 30 days prior. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw on a neighbors old chore truck "IF IT HAS **** OR TIRES, SOONER OR LATER IT WILL GIVE YOU TROUBLE" Dave
My neighbour has had this problem with his 9770 two years in a row now. Just tapped the valve with a hammer and it worked.
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