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9895 tough Wheat settings

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Having trouble threshing hrsw and getting good sample. Getting whitecaps. Very little loss out back. I know it's too wet and shouldn't be going. But...... Currently at 800 rotor with no cover plates concave .3 750 fan chaffer is air foil bottom sieve 1/4" or so. All the threshing components are good. These are settings used in the past and has been good. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance
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For wheat I have 3 cover plates in, rotor ~800, concave .25, fan at max. Airfoil chaffer and .3"shoe.
I would increase rotor speed or start installing filler plates one at a time from the front
St. Johns rotor, 3 cover plates, rotor at 750 - 875(depending on speed traveling).. concaves at .20-.30, fan at 1080, bottom shoe almost wide open.. air foil sieve. wheat testing 21.
if the bottom shoe wasn't wide open the wheat was carrying over into the return and plugging it.

sample was great.

9895 is the easiest machine to set. it does such a great job of doing the threshing in the front of the rotor.
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