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Has enyone heard about a new
9960 sts combine
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I heard they were demoing a new machine with more HP............again. But have realized the capacity will not increase untill the whole system is increased. This of course was told to me from the deere competition.... So take it for what its worth.
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I can't believe there not increasing the capacity

you would think by now they would kinda get the hint....

there ketching alot of crap for that

but the reall reason im posting this

I saw a pic of one on the new Farm Industry News Magazine and i thought id ask this question

I seen they have some new air intake system on the side

you can't see the fan and its not just covered by plastic with slots...

Totally covered but they call it a Chimney effect (something or other lol)

Anyone else seen that and is it just me or is that kinda just cosmetic and might not work better than the old way?

Just thought id ask for your opinions
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I believe the new air scoop idea you're talking about completely covers the fan and only has an opening at the top of the fan shroud. I think this design will work.
Well that would make the local deere guys happy

They get tired of cleaning out there air filters every day or so

We usually get by with cleaning ours out 2-3 times a year

if that

I would like it better if the 2388 cab air filters were easier to take out and clean ...but thats our only complaint

Also I was just curious

I looked at that and i couldn't deside if that would work better than pulling all the air from a larger diameter (i think i said that right)

or from one certain point (per say)
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About the air scoop:

The idea isn't new:
Here's a link showing a Krone SP mower with similar "scoop"
Why would they increase capacity. They'll just slap a new number on the side. Add some new item like a self leveling seive which NH has used for a while and that will take attention away from the fact that it isn't any different then a 9760 right down to a 9560. Throw in a clever marketing plan and they'll sell lots.

Take care,

The 9560 is a 24 inch dia. rotor,the 9660,9760,& 9860 are 30 inch dia. rotors
I think it could be a beast if they would increase the cleaning area instead of just giving it more horsepower etc.
only if deere would have the engine air scoop on 50 series when they first came out.
It the exact same just with the addition of the "scoop".
The last photo has an ultimate shine! Would like to see that on every custom harvesting operations combine

- Gordon
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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