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G'day and welcome to my Blog, this is a picture blog of all things Ag (and maybe some other bits an peices to do with Dirtbikes if your lucky!)

The vast majority of my photos come from the Family property in Australia's Central QLD Wheat belt. The Property is situated near Theodore.

Its a 17,000 Acre property, a fair slice of it is just Pasture but there is also alot of Dryland Broadacre Cropping.

The main crops grown there are Wheat, Sorghum and Chickpea's. All are Dryland varietys.

I Will point out I DO NOT LIVE ON THIS FARM. It belongs to my family and I go up there in my school Holidays to work there with my uncles. In all honestly I live in the Northern Rivers region of the state of New South Wales. I'm in a small town situated about 2 hrs west of Brisbane.

And for those Wondering, That blonde haired city lookin fullah who will be referred to as 'camel' or the great C ROLLER! Will continue to make an appearance in my photos. Hes living proof that even Surfys can get into Ag. Hes a friggin good operator aswell! Easily akin to my skill so don't diss him haha.

I hope you Enjoy my blog, feel free to answer any questions, and can someone Pin this post so everyone can see it?

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