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A different concave question

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Last year was our first with a 9760 STS. It has large wire with inserts in the first two openings. We bale all the staw so we like to cut it low in the float position. Also it has a 30' head. The problem was that we were running alot of loose wheat over and ended up running about 1.5 mph to do a good job. I know it is alot of material going through at once but we hate to cut it high and then come back and cut again with the haybine.

The question is do you think it would help to put in the small wire concave? My next question is then if we do put in the small wire and run that much material through will it make the staw even smaller (which we don't want to happen)?

My thoughts are to go down to a 20' cut so less material but then I might need the small wire to get the heads claened out real well.

Hope you can see where I am coming from and can lead in the right direction. Thanks

P.S. Doing more wheat this year and also some custom work and want to speed it up some and do a good job for them also.
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It is very difficult to bale behind a rotor but it can be done in favorable conditions. I would try the small grain concave, with as slow a rotor speed as possible. Ideally you would get the heads threshed out, but the chaff still on the head. It works best when the straw is still damp, like in the early mornings or at night. Then the straw stays together, too.

If baling is your main concern, have you looked at a walker machine? The new JD WTS from Germany should do pretty well and I have heard good critics from the NH CX.

How much is your average wheat yield?
Do you run a draper head? The more even and head first feeding will help your situation.
We always had walker machines and they were fine but needed something newer. If the straw is cut up some that is almost better, our customers like that because they feed it through a TMR and it doesn't plug up.

Seems like 60-70 bushel most years is good around here. Last year there was some in the high 80's and even one close to 100 under irrigation but that is the first time I've heard one that high.

We Just cut with a grain platform but would like to see a draper work once. Just not enough wheat to do I guess to go that route.

The small wire concave should be here today and hope to try some by the end of the week. Have heard it is around 17-20% yet.
With a MacDon draper head you can cut other crops, too besides wheat. As a matter of fact I don't know any crop except for corn, that you can not cut with a MacDon. I have harvested several thousand acres of soybeans with MacDon's. Sometimes I could cut closer to the ground than the neighbor with a row head.
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