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accelerator roll gears

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Does anyone know if the newer, wider tooth accelerator roll timing gears will fit the older machines? Mine are starting to show quite a bit of lash and might as well upgrade if the newer ones will fit.
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Same here as well! 94 R62 installed wide gears about 5 or 6 years ago now! Never had any trouble with them.
On that note!
Question about Acc Rollers, and to save making a new thread!
Is the only difference of new R series Combines with reversible Acc roller segments, due to having the bolt holes in the same positions on both rollers?

(If you look in processor back door down at Acc rollers Bolt holes, on our machine do not line up the same between rollers!)

We have quite good roller segments with nice sharp edge on non working side, but current edge is well rounded.

Tried to swap them across to give me a good sharp edge down into center of rollers to help with sieve load, but it seems it wont allow me to fit it that way!

Can I re-drill bolt holes on rollers and re tap them to suite? Anybody done this? Basically, double the life of the roller segments, or at least add 33% more life to them!
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Yep! The segments are the same, But! The bolt hole patten on the steel rollers are in a different spots! With them that way, I carn't "flip" the segments over to give me newish sharp edge of segments down into center of rollers to help with separation.
Hope you can see my dilemma? (Cheap a** Grain Cocky trying to extent the life of the Acc rollers!
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Tried that! Still give me the same blunt edge that I would have like now!

If holes on steel roller were in the same position (left/Right) I could just switch them front to back like you said, to give me a new clean roller segment edge, for crop to be accelerated! I understand the new Combines now have this? where you can move segments around to give a extended life to rollers segments.

Thanks for the tips though! All ideas help!

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