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Accuquide on 9120 wont activate

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Hi to all, for a long time I have been just a reader on this site, now I would need a help, hope to get it here

On a new 9120 the auto steer wont activate, it asks for steering wheel movement, I can move it as crazy, but the auto steer do not recognises the wheel movement. On the diagnostic you can see the steering angle changing, also the sensor on the steering column is working fine at the diagnostic, just the auto steer does not recognises it. Same simptoms also on other 8120s.
Does someone have some similar experience, possibly solution? All last software versions in all CCMs, RHM and monitor, but no change.
Thanks for help
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I have seen this before as well.

what Autoguidance software is in the display? What NavII software?

If you key off and back on, does the problem continue?
will check the software versions, they are all from new EST 5.4.

Rocking the switch does not help...
no, rocking the switch might not help, but what about turning the keyswitch off (let everything power down) and then key on again?

This has fixed the issue each time I have encountered it.
Navigation has to be turned on in 2 places in PRO 600.
1. Toolbox, NAV, installed.
2. Toolbox, Drives, scroll down, Autoguidance type, select type(RTK,WAAS,etc.)

The on/off switch has to be held for 2 or 3 seconds to turn on but I bet if you get the autoguidance type turned on, it will work.
true, but if the Autoguidance Type is not set correctly, he should get Nav149 and Nav150 faults, and he didn't mention those.

I have seen the same problem he's describing, even when the display is configured correctly.
if you hold down the auto guide switch on the arm rest and turn the steering wheel from stop to stop or until you hear the beep in the monitor it should be activated but as the others have said you have to have everything turned on in the pro 600
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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