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Adjusting Header Tilt?

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So we finally got our 1460 put back together after rotor rebuild. Sadly, I forgot to read the forum I had on that and didn't replace the drive hub bolts so I hope they are okay. Everything besides oil leaks, new rubber for the chaff spreaders, and wood auger bushings is fixed and done.

We have the header on now and I was just wondering how you all set the tilt on those headers. Im talking about corn here. This isn't side to side tilt, but the foward and backward tilt that can make the corn head be more level to the ground or pointed more at it. Right now, its almost completely down and it seems that corn ears have trouble making it up to the auger when there isn't enough material to bring it up (last year -_-).

Any suggestions? Its got quite a bit of adjustment and could probably be set to the point where the corn head was actually nosing up when put down. At the moment, the deck plates are slightly pointed down even when the header is raised completely up.
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