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Advice on Crop lifters on a 1020

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I want to try and direct harvest Navy beans this fall. We have been pulling and windrowing. I am growing them in 30" rows and many times the plants lean right over on the ground. I have an SCH cutting system one our 25 ft. 1020 and I am looking for some advice on crop lifters. I have seen the SCH style but I think they are more for cereal crops. I can only find one kind on the Internet . Their pulse crop lifter looks like a good idea. Anyone have some advice???
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Gaterman makes them also. I have a set I bought a few years ago and never used. I'm in Ontario less than 4 hours from you and the $ difference will help you if your interested. My daughter might be going to Freeland end of month or early Sept. Perhaps she could take them to you.
We have had them on a 1020. they work great on pinto beans. i would sell them because we bought a macdon flex draper, [email protected]
Red farmer, you have the flexfinger's? How many, did you have them for the stock cutterbar?
ACfarmer we have about 35 flexifingers. Yes they fit the stock cutterbar. Hope this helps
Their is also a company called J.E. LOVE manufacturing in Eastern Washington State. We have been using these lifters since the 70's and always have had good luck. Our neighbor is running them on a 2020 flex and said that they worked great for harvesting dry peas, don't know about Navy beans. is the site you will have to look at the Love floating cutter bar. The lifters will be sold as a part but do bolt directly on a 2020 don't know about a 1020. Good luck.
redfarmer, I have a SCH system and will check to see if they will work. If so I will email you.
we use the honey bee lifters and they work good, guys have them on the 1020s, and no complaints, 30 dollars a lifter
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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