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Aftermarket threshing element ?

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I just picked up another combine due to having a few more acres of barley to get across this year. It is a 2000 9650 STS. I owned the machine when it was new, and was just able to buy it back after the second owner traded it in.
Anyways, it needs the threshing elements replaced, and i have read on here quite a few times about some of you running aftermarket units.
I'm wondering if you could point me in the direction of a few of the companies that offer them, as well as give me any recomendations. What are the advantages over OEM?
The machine will only be used in irrigated malt barley, and wheat averaging over 100 bu/ac.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Kuchar combine parts have threshing elements and we ran them for a while and then switched over to his complete rotor. But the elements are quite a bit heavier, at least twice the weight of Deere elements, so the rotor has more inertia. They aren't smooth like the factory 50 series elements. Because of the rasp bar bolted on the element it helps move the crop through the combine better and when the bar gets worn or broken it's cheaper to replace than the factory elements.
Why not install the 70 series threshing elements with the rasp part formed into them? I have done it to every 50 and 60 series that I have worked on.
Do the 70 series threshing elements make a better job in wheat then the original 50 series?
How many hours can you expect to get out of the original 50 series element?
The 70 series look like the Kuchar elements without the replacable rasp part. With the rasp part on the element it helps pull the crop through better rasulting in a more even feed through. We have replaced a bunch of smooth ones with the 70 series and haven't had to replace any of the new style yet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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