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Agcos orange color decision

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Found this on Gleaner combine talk show, of an upcoming tractor meeting(Jan. 5 Des Moines,Iowa) regarding the Agco Orange tractors. Sounds like there is still time to express your thoughts to company officials. Here is link:
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I think the top brass is showing how easy it is to go back on their word. I don't trust them when they say Gleaner will be around for a long time. Who will sell them? Massey dealers? They have their own machines to sell. Orange Agco dealers-oh wait, no they all got the ax. Why would they want to stay with Gleaner when there are no companion lines? If their business survives, they will sell the combine that goes with the tractor line they have or procure. As much as I like Gleaners, I think the writing is on the wall. Richenhagen and Bob Crain cannot be trusted. They will blow in our ear and tell us Gleaner is going to stay, only to find out later they were really blowing smoke up our a__
The orange customers might be leaving in droves. I think the Gleaner is doomed. They are great machines, we have an R72 and get along great. If there aren't orange tractors to go with it, we will look at other brands. Simple as that. I can't imagine my Agco dealer will switch to MF. They have had chances before, and have had no interest. They have other brands to sell, and the MF line is a real dud here. I can't see that changing, even if the machine is the same under the paint. MF has a negative image in these parts, regardless what other areas have. No one here takes them seriously.
I will find a way to keep my current lineup of orange tractors going until there is nothing left, goodness knows they have taken a severe hit on resale now.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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