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air conditioning problem 2388

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We have a problem at our 2001 2388 combine. The air conditioning doesn't work at all and we can't control the air fan speed wich is high. Checked the potentiometer wich controls the fan speed 2.5k is ok but there is no current 0v. That is how it should be? Also how we can check the pressure sensors ? The compressor isn't clicking but if we strap him with a wire from battery the air works but still no control. Checke the pressure and it's ok.
Could somebody help
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when you bypass system, jumper to make compressor in ,what are your pressures, thinking control box is bad auto temp? or wires damaged, scott.
The pressure is OK. Bypassed is running but there i don't have control at all. Should i run it bypassed. Where is the ac control unit ?('01 2388)
i'm not sure where control unit is if in evaporotor assy or on outside of cab in rear of cab like 8010's, was on cnh web site, shows breakdown of all a/c, there is a probe that goes into evaporator, they have caused issues, will not let a/c kick in if bad, i used to work for case dealer as a tech, afraid your gonna have to git a case tech out to see whats going on, system isn't that difficult once you understand how it works, took me a while on first machine, lots of reading service manual, found that service school books were much more helpful, gave ohms for sensors, i will make a call at dinner time talk to my buddy, we have had very few issues with these machines, 8010's had some issues, mostly darn heater control valve, scott.
if you say your pressures are right when you jumper the compressor then it's most likely the high or low pressure switch saying the pressure is wrong when it is in fact right. not sure about the fan speed though, never had that problem
I just went through with the very same problem on my 05, 2377, the compressor would not kick on, it threw the code #11. I called the dealer, he told me the problem and I ordered the part. You need to open the service door on the right side of the cab on your 2388. Look under the right side console and undue the two big nuts that hold it on to the seat. flip it up and put it all as one unit towards the back right corner of the cab. Then unbolt the big plate that holds the operator seat to the cab, it has 4 bolts that take a 9/16 wrench. The whole seat assembly will hinge forward and rest against the seering wheel. You can now see the evporator cooler. On the back right side of it you'll see a probe sticking out of it. That probe is what probably went bad. when you pull it out, pull it out on like a 45 degree angle, its not pushed straight in. it also has an electric plug on the other end of it. Taking the cab filter out (the one behind the seat) makes it easy to get to the electric plug end of it. It cost me $146 for the part, and when you pull it out you'll wonder why it costs so much, but still better than sweating to death I suppose.
Hope this helps.
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