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Let's see what everyone thinks about this. I might have had a few too many but it will be a good talk show.

If barley fan setting is 1000 rpm and the seed size is bigger but canola is smaller and round, (air will pass around it) and both are 50 lbs/bu. If you keep driving to keep the combine full, the combine the fan can stay about the same. But if you stop and go you will have losses. To stop less and increase speed you increase the rotor. 850 rpm.

Have at it.

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I'll take a swag at this.
A canola seed weighs about 4 mg, a barley seed about 40 mg.
So the barley seed is 10 times as heavy but does not have 10 times the surface area so is less prone to be blown out by air flow.
Therefore you can run higher wind on barley than canola.
Just a swag= Scientific wildassed guess.


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