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Alfalfa seed with sts9770?

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Has anyone had any experience with an sts in alfalfa seed?
We had great luck with our 9770 hillco in wheat and are planning to use it with our 9610 next year in alfalfa seed, any thoughts would be appreciated.
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There are a couple STS's running in Alfalfa Seed here in the Treasure Valley. One is a 9650STS and ours is a 9660STS with the bullet rotor. Both are working very well, they do like it dryer than the walker machines. Do you swath or do you defoliate? Currently we are running a 9610 alongside the 9660 and in good conditions its allot more machine.
We defoliate. I suppose you use the punch hole sieve in both machines. How much of the concave do you block in your STS? We block 80% of our 9610. How were the crops in the T- Valley this year. In Touchet area the crops were way above average. Thanks for your input.
Actually the A. Seed down here is all over the board, but as a whole I think its well below average, I also hear through the grapevine that Canadian crop is pretty light this year. There were allot of leafcutter bee problems for some reason, and no one can really drag up a good reason for it. Also the Alkali's emerged really late, and the bug pressure was insane this year.

Anyway back to the bine's, we have blanked off 6 of the 9 concave slots on the 9660STS, we are running all small wire concaves and the last concave has every 3rd wire pulled. Also we are running a fixed airfoil chaffer, we tried the adjustable finger and it puts way too much seed out the back. This is also what the other STS in the valley did so you might want to pickup one of those. Deere doesn't make one so you have to go aftermarket. Harvest services LTD up in canada seems to be the only people that have them since A&I bought out loewen. We are running a punched hole screen under the airfoil, if you order one from Deere be ready to do some work on it. There build quality has gone way down on the fixed hole screens since your 9610.

As for settings, the bullet can be quite aggressive if you close it clear down. I run between 0 and 5 on the concave, about 800 on the rotor speed, and between 800 and 850 on the air. In good and dry defoliated seed I can run between 2.2 and 2.8 mph with a 25' head. One word of caution though when you get into heavy green hay the rotor does make some strange noises that the conventional machines don't. Anyway sorry about the long post, if I can help you in anyway let me know.
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Thanks again, I'm going to see a fellow who runs 2 9750's in the columbia baisin, after we get our wheat seeded. I'll let you know what I find. So I guess leafcutter bees will be more$ this year, just like all of our expenses.
What are you hearing on leafcutters? Some of the SK guys are saying it was a pretty cold July up there. Also since I've got another A. Seed guy here which is rare
What are you hearing on Chemical prices for next year, we have several reps telling us that they are going to make a substantial move higher.

Also just a note on the non bullet rotor 50's, the guy that runs one here has to blank off 100% of his concave and run on 0 for clearance and about 900 on the cylinder speed or at least thats what he thought he had to run to get it all rubbed out. The non bullet is allot less aggressive than your rotor in your 9770 is. I know that if I run 100% blanked on 0 at 900 I can't even identify curls coming out the back end.
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