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Annual Trade

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Pricing out our annual trade (we roll combines ever year) and just trying to figure out everyone's opinion. Currently running a 2588 in about 2,500 (50/50 corn and beans) and doing about 650 custom bean acres. Using a 30' 1020 and a 8 row 2208. We'll be adding at least 325 acres, and possibly more by next year. So, that being said, here are my options:

Case 6088
Case 7088
Case 7120
Case 8010 (New carry-over)
*All of those with a 3408 and my option of new 30'/35' 2020's, a 1 yr. old 35' 2162 or a new carry-over 40' 2162 (I know I probably need a 12 row on the 7120, and definitely need one on the 8010, but don't really want to go that route yet)

Traditionally we run Case (since '87 I believe), but haven't had great luck with service and machine performance the past year or so. We've also priced:

New Holland 9040 with 8 row corn head and 30'/35' platform
New Holland 9060 with 8 row corn head and 30'/35' platform

John Deere 9670 with 608C and 630F/635F

Lexion 560R with C508 and F530.

What's everyone's opinions and thoughts? I had the opportunity to run a 7088 most of the fall along with my 2588, as well as running the Lexion 560R for a day. So I know those machines. Plus, every neighbor in the county it seems like has a Deere, so I get info there. Just want a solid machine that will get through the acres quickly, efficiently, and with high performance.
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how much more capacity did the 7088 have over the 2588?
Not as much as I'd hoped. But still enough. You're only talking 20 HP more stock, and 45 more on the power rise. Cleaning system is the same. Does unload a LOT faster than the 2588. 40' draper was a brute, but it handled it at 4 mph in dry beans.
Whatever you go with....get the draper head.....

Any other info on the 7088
The rest of the puzzle is too complicated for me.

I was kind of wondering, the case combine guy at the farm show said that the 7088 was about 10% more incapacity than a 2588 and about 10% less than a 7010. Do you think that would be about right?

I don't think I would ever get away with putting a 40 head on a class 7 machine where I'm at. A neighbor was trying to run 30 foot in front of a 9660 Deere. That was a bit much.
The 560 is a Class 6 machine, like the 6088... I guess on an apples-to-apples comparison, would the 570 or 580 be a better match on the Lexion side?
Ran the 560 side by side with the 2588 and the 7088. No comparison to the 2588, and it pushed the 7088 pretty hard. The Cat is a great machine, but it comes with a very hefty price tag. We've always ran a class 6 machine, and could probably get by with another. However, like most dealers, they want to push a bigger, better model. That said, it's only a $6,000 difference fromm a 6088 to a 7088. Like I said, not much difference between the two.

I'd say the 7088 is maybe 5% better than the 2588. Both machines ran 8 row heads inn 200+ bu corn at 6+ mph. The extra HP is nice for beans on the 7088. I'd say it'd have no problems with a 35' draper. 40' was a bit much. 7120 would handle the 40' fine. IMHO the 7120 is a heck of a lot more machine (plus the benefit of a larger cab, larger grain tank, faster unload, etc, etc) than a 7088.I'd say you're wasting your time with anythig other than a 35' head (platform or draper) and 12 row on the 7120.
We found out today it would be 10,000 more next year for a 6088 and another 10 for a 7088...

Im not really sure why you would want a 7088 since its just 20 more hp..(or close to that)

i am glad to see they put a bigger motor in it..not just chip it..

Also how long is case going to keep this two platform thing going?????

I just would think it makes more sense to have a


i figure they will be doing away soon with the class 5....surprised they haven't already honestly

Has anyone heard of possible future plans?
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also since this class system is as messed up as the goverment its kinda difficult compareing combines in some systems....
They're keeping the 88 series because they have a tried and true system that people like and want to maintain. You're really looking at completely different machine when you get into the 20 series, what with CVT drives, different cleaning areas, etc, etc.

Trade price to get into a 6088 with an 8 row and 30' platform wasn't any different that what it cost us last year to get into a 2588 with the same heads. And that's going to a new design, diffent models heads, etc. So I wasn't disappointed in that respect. Do I think the 7088 is worth $6,000 more? No. But that's what you have to charge for more HP, I guess. Otherwise, everyone would just go 7088 and they wouldn't sell a 6088.

Here's what my dealer gave me for price increases:
5088 less $10,000
6088 $X
7088 additional $6,000
7120 additional $23,000
8120 additional $36,000
All that research and discussion led me to this decision at noon today: New Holland 9040 with the 98D 8 row corn head and 74C 35' platform. For the same price as a 7088, I'm getting a 7120 machine with the 7088 engine.
good choice. I don't think you will be disapointed with the 7120.
I must have read that wrong I thought he was getting a NH?

maybe I'm going crazy lol
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My Bad, I don't mult task well, on phone with GF at the time I read the post. The New Holland is a good machine as well
haha Yeah. Shocked me as well. We had New Holland until one burnt up in '87. Switched to Case then and have been red ever since. Dad even part-owned 3 dealerships for a while. Just felt the time was right to switch (new models coming out for Case = new learning curve). The 9040 is a 7120 machine with the 7088 engine (and twin rotors, of course). Thought it to be a better deal.
I'm not completely sure , but doesn't the NH have a lot of belts and counter shafts that the Case doesn't have. That's what sold me on the 7120
You'll be happy with the CR. Belts and Pulleys are pretty bulletproof, and pretty simple to change. Make sure you have a 3/4 inch ratcheting flat wrench and you'll be partying.
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