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Anybody have an H8080 windshield out back?

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Operator was cutting hay with our H8080 and BANG! the windshield exploded. It has the 19 foot diskbine head and conditioner on it, have no idea what caused it, maybe threw a rock out front and rebounded off something but there is no evidence. Anyway the nearest one seems to be in PA, just thought I'd ask on here, somebody might know where there may be one, it's part #84059822 in both Case and New Holland.

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Well that's interesting Don, I've had my location on here for a year, where did it go? I can't change my profile picture either, any ideas?
By the way, I'm near Brooks Alberta but am willing to get one from almost anywhere, it's a two thousand dollar piece of glass...
It makes me look too good :cool:
Thanks for the relies everybody, and thank you Mack3393 for actually finding a couple. Picked up the new glass at nine in Lethbridge, had Dennis's Glass from Taber (they have excellent service) install it and it's ready to go after curing over night.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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