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Anyone figured out this wet corn yet?

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How to keep from grinding it up so much? I think I've got it looking pretty good but then in the bin it's a different story. I've played around with the rotor speed and concave. I'll find the correct concave clearance and then adjust the rotor accordingly. I've also slowed the rotor clear down to 300 and tightened way down to 25, but that takes more power and am not convicned it does a better job. Just venting..
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Dont think that its possible. Just got to find a happy medium. I just let it throw alittle over otherwise i grind it into flour. I took in a load the other day 8% fm thats to much. i have it on 25 and 330 is the best i have found.
why are you running the concave so tight, run mine on 34 and no problems in 27 percent corn
I agree with you all, that's just what I've been doing-finding the happy medium. I'm starting to think it won't dry down anymore-however next week looks dry for a change. Sometimes you cannot run as open on the concave. When you have rotor loss and won't go away with rotor rpm's, I have to tighten up some. Thanks for all the replies.
We have been doing a lot of corn at 28-34%+, and run the rotor as slow as possible while still taking corn off (280-300) and 35 for clearance, chaffer at 22, bottom sieve out, fan at 1050.
Yeah, Im sure yield, ground speed, and cob size all make a difference
This is not the year to be worrying about quality. Get it out! Put your round bar concaves in and go! It's worth more to you out ASAP than it is holding off and hoping it will dry so the sample improves.

The losers will be those who don't bite the bullet and start harvesting the entire crop as high moisture ASAP. At this point, there is no corn crop within shouting distance of the entire midwestern corn belt that is going to be any drier than it is right now. Why wait?

If I didn't already have an entire fleet of tracked equipment, I would be out purchasing an older secondary fleet of machines (tractors, combines and grain carts) on tracks to get out what I can and start custom harvesting once I am done. Because you know there are those who think that it is going to get better.
had a guy I know take a load of corn in to the elevator and by the time they got done docking for test weight, FM, and kernals that weren't mature that turn brown after you dry it he only ended up getting $.75/bu. he said so he said that his corn was going to stand he hope. Oh I think he must of been figuring in his drying cost in there to.
Just wanted to thank you all for your insight. I've found opening both sieves all the way and cranking up the fan has much improved my sample. Spacing and speed will vary of course. For the record, the only waiting around anybody is doing around here is on the dryers.
same here, we even just got a new dryer this year, shoulda got a bigger one lol. takes a lot of fuel to get corn from 34% to 17%
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