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is anyone getting a new machine for fall harvest?
what did you run? what are you getting?
what head did you run? what are you getting?
why did you change brands?

im waiting to see what Krone an Deere have out next year.

Krone suppose to have the 480/580 here next year with new series of heads. pickup/corn heads

Deere is suppose to have the 8000series machines here next year. anyone hear of a new style kemper?? seen one on a test 8000.from a distance it looked different than a 778.

there are a lot of new claas machine around me.a few 960s a lot of 880s. class dealer has 6 orbis 600s, 2 orbis 635 and 6 ru450s in there yard.

haven't herd of any new FRs goin out this year

Deere dealer sold a 7980/10row for fall harvest

Krone dealer sold a few 750C. don't know if they run 8or10rows on them

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Krone has been running the new 580 all year out near Merced area. The 480 was supposed to get dropped off in Florida or somewhere in the southeast and then gradually get up Wisconsin area by corn season for them. Probably available next year by the way they do things. Some good ideas built into that machine.

It will be interesting to see what Deere has for next year.

Not really many incentives/programs to buy this time of year from manufacturers compared to the winter.
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