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Anyone have a set of Iveco 12.9 undersize main bearings?

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I’m rebuilding an iveco 12.9 out of a T9050. It broke a valve stem due to the guides being worn so bad the head of the valve was wearing into the liner. Only 8000 hours.

So far I’ve got the head done and my block and crank check out. I’m able to find pistons, liners, oil pumps, water pump, rod bearings, head and main bolts.

Right now my only hang up is a set of red -.254mm (-.010”) main and thrust bearings. CNH is showing a 14 week back order and won’t even give a price. I am waiting to hear if any dealers have a set in stock but not holding my breath. I have a few inquiries in at European parts suppliers that sound promising.

Just wondering if anyone had a set laying around by chance.
6 of 2997415 red -.254 main bearing
1 of 2997417 red -.254 thrust bearing

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I bough this unit at an estate sale a year ago. It was”rebuilt” 2k hours ago. It has original pistons and liners and appears nothing had been done to the top end judging by the valve guide wear. I got it cheap enough to allow for a “surprise”.

As best I can figure is that was when the crank was ground. I had it magnafluxed, checked for straightness, journals measured in spec and only needed a light polish. The bearings have a date code of 2018 which would make sense.

I can’t say I have any reservations about putting it back in. A new one is ~$12k and I’m not sure about availability.
Check out Sunset diesel on the West end they were able to get me a whole engine kit for my 855 for 1800$, pistons ,rings,liners, all bearings and a complete gasket set.. Great people
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