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Anyone use humic prill before?

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We started to use this product this year and so far the results are amazing. Used 10kg/ha with our starter fert. Anyone have any idea of long term effects?
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So what is this stuff? What's it supposed to do?
Asked about this product on Twitter & the reply I got from a well renowned agronomist was "snake oil".
Yeah that's fine nhinoz I'm all for doing your own trials. But you can see from the photos even the good crop is lacking nutrients. Those crops should look like a table top if everything was at adequate levels.

Obviously the humic pril is doing something by helping the roots get hold of any tied up nutrients. But from what I can see all your doing is mining more of what low level of nutrients in the ground already. Get everything in balance & I bet you won't see the humic pril have any effect what so ever. I would say all it's doing is masking the true underlying problems.

From my conversations this stuff has been around for a lot of years now & has been trialed extensively. If it actually worked agronomist would be promoting the **** out of it!

Sure do a small trial but don't get sucked into using it on the whole farm & go broke. Maybe trial it along side a extremely high rate of everything else?

This stuff just needs to be looked at a little more logically in my opinion.
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most agro up in this area do push this product and they are very well established its funny how it changes from district to district. as for the nutrient levels we do soil/ leaf testing. we put in what we need the best we can with in budget, the only thing I would like to do different is put traces down the tube as liquid. its hard to grow crops on country that has had stuff all rain for almost 3 months. and we wont go full farm with it until were really sure it works. oh and nairibin farms did see you have some nice vetch hey cut was going to ask you what variety it was.
I should of been a little more thorough in my first post then simply call it snake oil! ?
Nah mate don't grow vetch, don't know of anyone that grows it over here in WA. Field peas, Lupins & trialling chick peas again this year are my legume/nematode rotation break crops.
Use trace liquids here zinc 500g, manganese 500g, copper 50g & Molly 10g for the last 5 years. Has turned the crops into more like a tabletop, you can't pick the different soil types as easily as before. The yield monitor on the header is a lot more consistent over the whole paddock very little variation now.
A liquid cart is not all that expensive if you can do most of it yourself. Source an old Boomspray and convert from there not really over complicated just takes time.
hahah happens. how long did it take you to see differences? was your application spray or down the tube? we been on it for a couple years. as for the liquid the drill we just bought has it all set up just gotta find time to hook up out old boom to it.
Been doing down the tube for 5 years now. Results were instant come back post spraying where needed. Built a cart with dual tank/ dual pump with twin lines. Run by jd 2630. Traces & impact mixed together. Nitrogen in the other to avoid blockages & to be able to variable rate "n" where needed.
Before that impact on fertiliser & urea pre & post seeding. Still come back with post urea now to play the season.
If you can use liquid systems kit awesome product!
Hi Elmira. What was your growing season rainfall & summer rainfall for 2014?
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