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Anyone use humic prill before?

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We started to use this product this year and so far the results are amazing. Used 10kg/ha with our starter fert. Anyone have any idea of long term effects?
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As you can see with the root development its way better. We also have seen better leaf production and crop stance. There is five days difference between sowing dates, being the field with prill being the later. the field with prill is our worst on that farm and now has become one of the best. We put 70kg of 19-0-13-10 with 10 kg of prill its also had a zinc 6% mang 8% copper 2% sulfer8.6% 3Lha spray over . With the wheat this is where we had a stuff up in which it went out at 3x the rate. the lesser plant has no prill.
How did you apply it? Custom fert blend? How solid are the granules - would they hold up to the rollers in a combine?
Strait down the tube. You can buy it blended or by its self the granules look exactly the same as 19-13. A bloke up the road it also spreading it out with his urea, as it stabilizes it. We will be doing that as of next year.
Do the results vary by application method? Spreading/pre drill/drill with seed?
How long do the effects last?
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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