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Anyone use humic prill before?

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We started to use this product this year and so far the results are amazing. Used 10kg/ha with our starter fert. Anyone have any idea of long term effects?
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hahah happens. how long did it take you to see differences? was your application spray or down the tube? we been on it for a couple years. as for the liquid the drill we just bought has it all set up just gotta find time to hook up out old boom to it.
Been doing down the tube for 5 years now. Results were instant come back post spraying where needed. Built a cart with dual tank/ dual pump with twin lines. Run by jd 2630. Traces & impact mixed together. Nitrogen in the other to avoid blockages & to be able to variable rate "n" where needed.
Before that impact on fertiliser & urea pre & post seeding. Still come back with post urea now to play the season.
If you can use liquid systems kit awesome product!
So the results are in. Wheat where we used this product the crops were between 2.5 and 3 t the ha and the samples went h1 h2 with .9 screenings. With out they were going 1.5 to 2 t samples, went h2 with 1.5 screenings. So not much difference in samples. but the yield increase was something else. We had basically no rain from end of july so great yields for no rain.

oh and if anyone was wondering I reaped into different bins even if it cost us to take in not full loads to get the exact numbers. Same day reaping. all in all with prill we were well above our 5 year average of 1.8.

With the barley our yields were with prill 2.5 to 2.8 going malt and without 1.8 to 2 going f1 test weight and protein were the downfall and with current prices it was a huge difference. Well paid for itself. Next year were going whole farm but we will still be doing trial work with the product to get rate right and to see what a five year average will be.

As to a comment earlier about not many blokes using it majority of blokes I know were mixing it them self due to most fert companies not willing to mix it. But speaking around now quiet a few are willing to do it as of this year.
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Hi Elmira. What was your growing season rainfall & summer rainfall for 2014?
We had 345 since the year before and 243 April to end of July. Then nothing at all till this years harvest where we have had 85mm till end of year. (lots of spraying going on atm)
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