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Are sw concaves worth the cost??

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Thinking about investing in a set(3) of sw concaves for our 2388 , specifically for wheat. Currently have the lw with a set of cover plates on the front concave. This set-up works o.k. but last year seems we had to go a little slow or we would overload the tailings elevator and/ or end up with a little more than desired grain loss out the back end. Wheat looks decent this year , guesstimating 80-90 bpa.
Would sw concave enhance the machine performance noticeably or not? Don't think I'd change the grates to the slotted one , I'd leave the keystock ones in. Have around 350 acres to do in the next week to ten days . Any opinions would be appreciated .
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SW will definately help with what you describe. Worth spending the money for the acres you have.
We run a helical small wire; large wire: then standard small wire for wheat. Case recomend 2small wires and a large wire, some debate on wether to fit it second or third, so maybe try that as a lower cost option only two concaves to buy
i ran the three smallwires and the keystocks in mine this season. the sample was very good and we had a hard time even finding a kernal behind the machine.
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