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Audible Alarm on a 1640

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Can anyone tell me what sensors turn on the audible alarm on a 1640. This is the alarm that comes on when you turn on the key but goes out when the clutch is pushed in during starting. Once the combine starts the alarm comes back on after about 5 seconds. I'm asking for my neighbour..he borrowed a wiring diagram but it's not clear all of the sensors that turn it on. Thanks in advance.
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Unless I'm mistaken the alarm that comes on when you first turn the key on is for low oil pressure (the oil press light will be illuminated). There aren't any warning lights lit up when the alarm comes back on, are there?
If you are run more than a idle but less than wide open a alarm will go off, at least it did on a 1460.
it should come on with a light such as low coolant, amps, oil pressure
Thanks all, sorry I havent been on for a couple of days..I will check those things and let you know what I find...there are no lights on when the alarm comes back on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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