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Hi, three English lad so looking to do a harvest in Australia, just looking for abit more information really as to where to find jobs and what the best time of year to apply is. Thanks any help is really appreciated!

Ooohhh Deere
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July is a good time to register interest as there's crop in the ground and some sort of guarantee of a harvest.

Central QLD is the first start, around mid September.

In mid October when STH QLD and NTH NSW is getting going, that's when farmers and contractors really need drivers.

Our long contract run from North to South is nearly obsolete now, with different varieties and Mother Nature making almost the entire eastern states all ready to go at the same time. Gone are the days when you could have 6-8 different stops down the east coast.

try the following:

Australian Custom Harvesters website
The Land newspaper
The Weekly Times newspaper
This Forum
AG Workforce in Toowoomba, QLD.
I know plenty of contractors.........

It pains me as a fellow Ozzy, to hear the stories, but there are some real a**holes out there who treat backpackers like crap. It's usually more the Northern NSW farmers, than the contractors. Hope you do alright.

Experience is becoming an absolute must now...............
So if your all green, go find a farmer and offer your labour for free if you have to, to get some seat time............
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