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Autopilot Toolbox II: Cable from Laptop to NAV ?

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Trimble offered dealers a means to use their Autopilot Toolbox II software on a laptop that was connected to a NAV (Autopilot controller).

Cable(s) part number is/are ???

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breaking out the serial pins on the NAV controller.
And splice in Trimble's 63076 thanks.

Autopilot Toolbox II software was used by dealers to setup configurations and do calibrations on new installs, so its rather unlikely dealerships' mechanics spliced away.
It’s just a USB to rs242 like Guy1000 said.
Working with EZG-500, and if I read the TEALEAVES correctly, EZG's AUX port's cable(s) is wired back to NAV II via 62609 & 62754 cables (not verified yet). On 62609 cable, there appears to be an USB port in pic below. Would this be the access means for using Autopilot Toolbox II software on a laptop hooked to an USB to Serial Adapter Cable?
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You would have to
Next week I plan to see a CASE tech on a related topic (flashing a NAV II for an update), but I suspect that USB port is used for that software program. Maybe only a USB-to-USB cable is needed. Logically, a service port would have been provided. All I found from Trimble was it was not for getting config/field data, which is done on EZG's backside
This is the cable that would be used to flash or use the software program for configuring/calibrating. Trimble notes
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EZG-500.....Trimble does not say which USB port to use (display or on a 62609 cable). My focus is on EZG-500, so I can speak to other displays/etc.
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Correction - I can't speak to other displays/etc.
Fine Point Considerations (Apparently, DB9 port on backside of EZG's display is used; not sure what 62609 cable's USB port is used for)

1. Sealevel indicates at Amazon " Easily connect your computer’s USB port to any RS-232 serial peripheral"

2. Trimble States - "NMEA output is turned off from the Autopilot system."

This I understand, which is done via EZG's menu, and points to the DB9 connector on display's backside. This connector can receive RTCM/TSIP or output NMEA. Currently, this DB9 port is being used by Deere's NT planter (on the tractor) for ground speed via Ag Express cable.

3 Trimble States - "There is a a good serial connection to the NavController, either via a hard serial port or a USB serial adapter"

hard serial port- No such definition I can find, but I assume a DB9 to DB9 connection
USB serial adapter- Trimble indicates what they mean by buying that Sealevel cable
From Trimble's statement, "NMEA output is turned off from the Autopilot system," and from Sealevel's statement, " Easily connect your computer’s USB port to any RS-232 serial peripheral," I must conclude the DB9 end on Sealevel's cable plugs into backside of EZG's display.
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Trimble offered two different software programs, one for flashing firmware, and one for configuring/calibration. The later one will be used. I understand AG Express will flash them for some $80. I plan to talk to a CASE tech Tuesday, and see if he can flash the NAV unit itself there, and see if he knows what that USB port on the cable was used for. I'm just wanting to use software for calibration...mainly a Roll calibration over a distance. Via EZG's display, its a joke...need installer software to do it right.

Sealevel's cable has same RX/TX/GND pinout as EZG-500's DB9 port, and Trimble suggested this cable. It uses an authentic FTDI ICs. See Note below in pic....I suspect some dealers screwed the firmware update with sub-grade USB/RS232 cables.

I thought you were trying to connect to the NAV?
See first sentence

Version 4.00
Revision A
September 2016
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DB9 connector on EZG's backside can be configured as Output (NEMA) or as Input (TSIP/RTCM)
When configured for "RTCM" (TSIP), I believe this is a direct path to the NAV. When I get the cable and software loaded on a laptop, I will be using the software for config/calibrate, so if it works, this will confirm this method is OK.
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nav controller...harness that has a rs232 port on it.
NAV II wiring harness...rs232 port
305 has a back seat full of wiring (USED ON IMPLEMENT), I'll have to take a look...but here are the cables used, 62609 & 62754 cables showing all ends, and I don't see a RS232 port available.

EZG-500 Display
Has a RS232 port on backside. Hooking a laptop to it with USB/RS232 cable should not cause an issue...either the software will communicate, or it won't. Keep in mind this display RS232 port can be used with AG252/262/372, and these AG receivers are "talking" in RS-232 "language."

Service techs with each new install had to configure/calibrate, so its highly unlikely these techs had to hack wires.
Update: 62609 cable with USB port
CASE tech had no idea what it is for, but he was not around then. I will attempt to ask someone else. Here's a diagram below. 2&3 wires on USB port would not be used for serial communications...needs three wires...Rx/Tx/Gnd.

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USB is its own protocol(the plug has 5v, -s, +s, gnd) you do not run RS232 over a usb cable you only run USB(a usb cable is very specialized compared to RS232 where it doesn’t matter) as they are two completely different animals.
"There was a series of DirecTv receivers that had a USB port where you could plug in a USB to RS-232 adapter in order to give that receiver a standard RS-232 serial port...This was useful (back in the days before TiVo or on Demand viewing) to control which programs to record (unattended) on your computer for later playback."

USB(a usb cable is very specialized
Diagram shows two wires....not four

Type A USB

Pin 1 is Bus Power (+5V originally limited to 500mA)
Pin 2 is D+
Pin 3 is D-
Pin 4 is Ground
...[USB] dedicated pins
Trimble said somewhere in one doc I've seen, not for an USB stick to obtain config/field-data...usage has not been explained. I plan to talk to an old timer tech tomorrow, if I can catch him in time.

All wires goes back to display....none to P2/P3 connectors....

Do you have a NAV II pin out?

Thanks for pinout.....
Bingo...after searching thru a large number of Trimble/etc docs, I hit pay dirt on page 59, if the connector described (F) is on the NAV-II cable shown below. The EZG-500 display is not used, but a 50166 cable would be used (without 12v power), and hooked to this connector. Laptop would require a COM port for this 50166 cable.
Step 4 - Once the calibration is done, reconnect the NMEA-out cable to the NavController II configuration port.
[My Note; In EZG-500's menu, NEMA is turned off first....before hooking up connections]

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AgGPS® Autopilot™ Automated Steering System
July 2010
Part Number 56694-00-E04

thx for hack required
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RX and TX lines to a DB9 connector...usb to rs232 adapter.
The NAV II side will either have a connection-port for a DTM06-12SA or for a DB9. Trimble changed how this diagnostic port is accessed. DTM06-12SA connector was used on earlier production cables, and later ones got DB9.

From pics/diagrams I've seen recently, the 54602 cable has a DB9 diagnostic port on it,
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but the Trimble doc [Part Number 56694-00-E04] I cited in previous post indicates a DTM06-12SA will be inserted at NAV-II's NEMA output connector. Instructions in this doc were for EZ-Guide 500 and FmX™ integrated display: P/N 93100-xx.

Sometime after 2010, Trimble did a cable redesign.
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I’m completely missing the challenge here.
Reread...Trimble redesigned how diagnostic port was accessed...2010 era, DTM06-12SA connector needed, and then later via DB9

DTM06-12SA used on EZ-Guide 500 and FmX™ integrated display: P/N 93100-xx in 2010.

RE: 62609 cable with a USB port
Old timer thought it may have been used to power up something. Diagram I posted showed two wires, but diagram Guy1000 posted had four wires (suggesting a USB 2.0 compliant port).

If both diagrams are valid, then the old timer's opinion may be valid, but Trimble may have redesigned this cable for some unknown reason. Need a USB Pigtail Cable (bare ended) to evaluate
In earlier days, AgLeader and Trimble worked together. This cable, 9-50166-5A | 7 ft Trimble 252/262 Data Cable to Ag Leader DB9 Male, can also be used to access the diagnostic port (NEMA output must be turned off in display).

As noted at site:
See Ag Leader Part Number: 2000819, Precision Planting 725451
Simply connect to 12 Pin Deutsch plug from NAV diagnostic port from Trimble or CNH steering
Plug into Ag Leader display cable and set NMEA settings in display to export.
Simply connect to 12 Pin Deutsch plug from NAV diagnostic port from Trimble or CNH steering
NAV diagnostic port
Analogy - Germany's C and F electrical plugs are not the same as US's A and B electrical plugs

All you need is the cable....
Trimble used at least two different methods for accessing the diagnostic port at the cable hooked to NAV II.

2010 "era"
1. 62754 cable has a 12 Pin Deutsch plug

Later than 2010
2. 54602 cable has a DB9 diagnostic port

I bought the required cable (50166), and also bought Trimble's suggested USB/RS232 cable. With these two different cables, I can access the diagnostic ports on older/newer cable harnesses.

With the older cable harness...this instruction pic represents the required cable, which plugs into a laptop's COM port (on the left side of pic), and on the right side of pic, the NAV II's cable connector.
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USB is its own protocol(the plug has 5v, -s, +s, gnd) you do not run RS232 over a usb cable you only run USB(a usb cable is very specialized compared to RS232 where it doesn’t matter) as they are two completely different animals.
Off Topic Footnote - This purple/green connector below was used in IBM PS/2 days on personal computers, and the next pic below it, shows an adapter, RS232 DB9 to Mini Din PS2 USB Y Shape Serial Cable Splitter"

Tidbit - "Many keyboards and mice were specifically designed to support both the USB and the PS/2 interfaces and protocols, selecting the appropriate connection type at power-on. Such devices are generally equipped with a USB connector and ship with a passive wiring adapter to allow connection to a PS/2 port."

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something wrong with this camper.
Appears to me some young puppies with no awareness of Trimble's changes...
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