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Autopilot Toolbox II: Cable from Laptop to NAV ?

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Trimble offered dealers a means to use their Autopilot Toolbox II software on a laptop that was connected to a NAV (Autopilot controller).

Cable(s) part number is/are ???

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It’s just a USB to rs242 like Guy1000 said.
Every nav controller I’ve ever seen comes with a harness that has a rs232 port on it. Just grab a trimble wiring guide for your application and it will show it. This port is usually used for sharing navigation messages via serial port as well.
I’m completely missing the challenge here. Right from the start we’ve pointed out the nav controllers have a rs232 port off the nav controller that you can use for firmware updates and running their tool box. For this you buy a simple USB to ra232 cable and configure the port correctly. Unless by chance you have a real old laptop that still has a rs232 port and can make a direct connection.
There is just something wrong with this camper. Looks like it’s a bot pushing hot links.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts