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AZS-450 vertical ring die pellet machine is researched, designed and manufactured by us. It is a new type pellet mill that has the characteristics of both traditional ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet machine. This pelletizing machine is specially designed to process raw materials with crude fiber, like rice husks, peanut shells, and palm fibers, etc. for making biomass pellets and it also can be used to pelletizing animal feed, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and bio-fertilizer under the low temperature.
Features of This Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill
1. There are four to eight rollers in this small pellet machine and the rollers are evenly arranged, so it performs stably and eliminates the phenomenon of raw material into the rollers that occurs in the pelletizing of traditional flat die pellet mill.
2. Our vertical ring die pelletizing machine adopts central regulating structure, so it can process various raw materials and at the same time ensures the good pelletizing effect.
3. Dies and rollers are made of first-class alloy steel which extends the service life of dies and rollers.
4. We can supply molds of different diameters to realize the ideal pelletizing result of different raw materials.
5. Vertical feeding and the raw materials are fed uniformly without arching.
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