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As we all know that grasses can be made into feed pellets. However, nowadays grass pellets has been a new renewable energy options like wood pellets and are now being used as a solid fuel in co-fired coal power plants as well as targeted as a choice feedstock for such advanced biofuels as cellulosic ethanol. AZSP-120D Diesel Flat Die Pellet Machine which can not only make feed pellets but also is an ideal choice for people to make grass pellets for fuel at home.
Features of AZSP-120D Small Flat Die Pellet Machine
1. With the reasonable and professional design, this small pellet machine can press pellets evenly and discharges pellets with low damage. The grass/wood pellets it produces are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
2. Pellet Mill with diesel engine can run at any place without the electricity limit.
3. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as pellet mill dies which are made of 20CrMo or 4CrMo13 which is featured with high hardness & wear resistance after heat treatment.
4. Simple operation, low energy consumption and less manpower.
More details:Small Pellet Machine with Diesel Engine for Grass Pellets
Contact:[email protected]
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