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AZSP-230D diesel pellet machine is a D-type(Die Driven) pellet mill powered by a diesel engine. D-type pellet mill is also called rotating die type pellet machine where the rollers are stationary and the die turns underneath the rollers. This pellet maker is only used as small pellet mill. D-type pellet press is usually geared high and turns at a much faster pace up to 400 RPM. This is great for soft and feed material. It makes soft and feed material done quickly. On the other hand, this small pellet machine can process wood material as well but at a much slower rate than the R-type pellet machine and of course it is cheaper than R-type pellet machine.
Advantages of AZSP-230D D-type Pellet Machine
1. This diesel pellet machine has a small but durable structure and it occupies small floor space.
2. Low energy consumption, low noise and small vibration.
3. The diesel engine along with the electric start-up system makes the start easier and has the stable power supply.(The electric start-up system is optional)
More details:D-type Diesel Pellet Maker for Making Your Own Feed/Wood Pellets
Contact:[email protected]
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