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AZSP-260D Farm Use Pellet Mill is D-type flat die pellet mill which is electric start and diesel powered. It has a 260mm diameter die and the holes in the die can be the size from 2.5mm to 10mm. This pellet machine can process all kinds of biomass materials and agricultural residues to make fuel pellets and feed pellets. But it is best for feed or soft material. Wood or harder material can also be processed, but with lower output than feed materials.The pelletizing size of raw material is not more than 6mm and the pelletizing moisture content is about 12%-20%.
Features of AZSP-260D Small Diesel Pellet Maker
1. This small pellet maker is portable and has light weight, so it can be used at home, and mostly chosen by poultry farms, livestock farms, dairy farms and fish farms, etc.
2. Low energy consumption and less manpower, just one or two workers are OK.
3. User-friendly, simple structure and easy maintenance.
4. It has durable spare parts which makes it has long service life.
More details: Farm Use Diesel Flat Die Pellet Maker/Small Pellet Machine
Contact :[email protected]
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