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AZSP-400D is the largest diesel flat die pellet machine of all the diesel flat die pellet mills offered by our company. Like AZSP-360D, it is an R-type pellet machine too. With the capacity of 400-500kg/h for wood pellets and 900-1100kg/h for feed pellets, it is mainly used in small industrial pellet production and can be used in large farms too.
Features of AZSP-400D Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill
1. Simple operation, labor saving and low energy consumption with relatively high output, it is most suitable for small industrial pellet production.
2. Low noise, high endurance, good performance with low price, and easy to maintenance, it is advisable for large farms to choose and the families who want to make money by making pellets locally.
3. Without extra cabling, it is safe to operate and it causes no danger to children.
More details:Small Industrial Use Feed/ Fuel Pellets Making Machine
Contact:[email protected]
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