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AZSPH-200 mini combined pellet machine is the smallest and simplest pellet production line which combines the hammer mill and pellet mill as one machine body. This combined machine structure not only saves floor space but also saves labor. This combined pellet machine can be driven by the diesel engine or electric engine, it is up to you. And the hammer mill and pellet mill share the same diesel engine or the electric engine, thus can save energy consumption. All these features of this mini combined pellet machine make it the best pelletizing equipment for home, small farms and small scale commercial pellet production.
Requirements of Raw Materials
1. Because this combined pellet machine has the crushing function, so you can put any biomass materials, agricultural and forestry residues whose size less than 50mm into the machine.
2. The moisture content should be about 10%-13%, or you should dry them under the sun before putting them into the hammer mill.
3. It can not process hard wood and woods with big diameter and the wood thickness should be less than 5mm.
More details:Mini Combined Pellet Machine for Home Use
Contact:[email protected]
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