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As the name implies, this combination machine is all-in-one machine consisting of crusher and pelletizer. The crusher and the pelletizer share the same frame foundation, so you can transport this combination machine easily to anywhere you want to make feed pellets or wood pellets. This mobility along with the small capacity of 200-250kg/h and the low price makes this combination machine popular in household, farms, and small fuel pellets plant, small power plants, small feed pellets plants and fertilizer factory. It is the ideal pelletizing machinery with low investment and high profit.
Advantages of Mobile Crusher and Pelletizer Combination Machine
Compared with the single crusher and single pelletizer, this combination machine has its unique advantages.
1. The crusher and pelletizer of this combination machine can use one motor to drive, thus under the condition of the same output, the consumption of the power is lower than the total power consumption of the single crusher and the single pelletizer.
2. High efficiency. The processed material by the crusher can be directly sent into the pelletizer to make pellets, saving working time.
More details: Mobile Crusher and Pelletizer Combination Machine
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