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Baby Casefarmer!!

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Were 3 weeks early but she's wanting out now!!!!!!!!!!!

So here we are at the hospital lol
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good luck the world is lucky theirs no baby farmertony's
You won't have to shut the planter down, congrats
just gimme an address so I can get that deere blanket on the way.... Congrats.
Haha. Thanks. She was born at 9:30. 21 long 7 lbs 1 ounce. So far everyones doing great!!!!
Yeah I sure didn't see this happening when we were not in the field!!!!!!!!!!! Guess rain is a good thing!
Congrats man I know the excitement my little one is 9 days old today.
You too, Catwrench. You hafta show us all pics of your little one!

Casefarmer, the baby is adorable. What's her name?
Yes, I love babies! I'm a mother, too.

Tonight, I got to hold a cuddle a little one at church.
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I just knew you were going to name her, "Axial Flow."

Actually, I had expected her initials to match that of I.H. or A.F. or something along that line.

I love the name, "Michelle."
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ya...a while back there was a Case ih parker born and someone asked if i had my kid yet... lol...
Congratulations casefarmer and catwrench!! Bethany is a great name choice. Best of luck to you guys and new families.
Agreed, Iron, but still, every time I hear that name, I can't help but think of Bethany, Oklahoma and Bethany University. LOL!
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good luck with the new baby she is cute now you have to get a pink caseih hat for her. you should be proud hope every thing is going good. two of my girls were born in the middle of harvest and even after a bad day it gave you a good feeling to come home and see them at night. best of luck
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