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Batteries for 9180 Case 4x4

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Hey guys,
Dead batteries and flat tires make me so angry.
Pulled my 9180 out of the shed today (after boosting it) and all three batteries froze over winter and split open. Looks like I need to get three new ones......
Where does everyone buy batteries from? I don't want to put in any knock off junk just to give problems later.
What kind of warranties are you guys getting with your batteries?
The ones I need are Type 31 with the bolt on top (not a post)
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Just put a new set in our 9180 last year went with new Interstates like I put in just about everything. Our local supplier is good about honoring the warranty but I have only had to use it once on an 8d in a versatile. Dad likes to put those JD hibernators in his combine and they are lucky if they last 2 years. Junk in my opinion. Used a couple of Napa batteries and have has marginal success with them. They honor the warranty but I get tired of changing them when I need to use the warranty. The other thing you can try is use a good battery maintainer on anything that has a draw to keep the batteries full so hopefully they don't freeze.
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