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Batteries for 9180 Case 4x4

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Hey guys,
Dead batteries and flat tires make me so angry.
Pulled my 9180 out of the shed today (after boosting it) and all three batteries froze over winter and split open. Looks like I need to get three new ones......
Where does everyone buy batteries from? I don't want to put in any knock off junk just to give problems later.
What kind of warranties are you guys getting with your batteries?
The ones I need are Type 31 with the bolt on top (not a post)
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Our group 31 stud batteries we buy them from a local dealer that buys exide buy the pallet they typically have good prices and we typically get 3-4 years or more unless someone does something like leaving a key n and they freeze. We have tried deere batteries with marginal success the father in law swears by them. Most of our other batteries come from fleet farm.
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