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beater unblocking tool for cts ?

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howdy all , has anyone seen or made a tool to turn the beater pully when you block it on cts. cheers shooter
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The operators manual has a plan for a bar to help unblock the cylinder, which I made up and have never used, but have never seen one for unblocking the beater . I don't know how you could get access to the beater to turn it.
thanks herbie i have used one of those on the drum, sort of work ok , yeah the beater is tucked away behind the elavator abit, i use to have a prybar just the right size and shape but have lost it, the only other way is to wind those darn rotors out !!! cheers shooter
we have the bar to unplug the cylinder a friend built one for his and ours the beater we ended up pulling the stuff out from kneeling on the walkers (9500-9600) the cts s you could roll the tine seperator out but there is maybe a tool to turn it we have plugged the cylinder once and the beater once in 10 years with deere combines
thanks alfred, yeah the beater not to big a problem on a walker machine but fairly easy to block in the cts if youre pushing it abit in heavy crop, i realy don't think there is anyway getting around the 2 hour job, have heard about puting a starter motor onto roto crank to wind them out quickly
We used to run cts combines and found an easier way to unplug the beater. First pull the pin on the cylinder gearcase to disengage the cylinder. Then put a long bar between the return elevator and tire into the beater belt idler pulley. Lift the bar to release tension on the belt. Remove the beater belt. Engage the combine so only the tines would run, clearing them out. Then we'd have an old worn out beater belt just for the next step. install 2 beater belts, one on the high speed pulley and the other on the low speed pulley. Once they're both on, engage the combine again and 99% of the time the slug would go thru. Once the slug is cleared put everything back in the original configuration.
thanks syphon thats a neat trick running 2 belts to unplug the beater!!! makes perfect sense i never thought of it. i will replace my beater with the pf beater next year and i have been trying to find the speed up kit for it that runs dual belt , jd tech foun some info on service adviser that said the 9650 cts dual speed is 700/1100 but can't find the kit anywhere . thanks for that reply syphon1 .
I always just put a new belt on the beater and that usually snorted it through.
thanks for that guys, mabe i'l keep 2 spare belts in the trailer might save me some time on the crank handle. cheers shooter
was having beater problems ,light would blink, found the rod that tightens the beater belt had worn a notch and wasnt letting the belt tighten to its full potential. new rod, new belt, no more problems.
i will chech that , last year i tightend the rod up abit past the washer stopped the beater light comming on, most of the time i'm blocking is probably just from pushing the machine abit hard and diving into a depresion loosing power comming up the otherside and stalling the machine out. the beater is the hardest thing to unblock when this happens, normaly only got myself to blame. cheers shooter
I run a cts II for a few years and plugged the beater more then I can remember. Got fed up of turning the cylinder back to unplug it so I built my own double belt drive kit. But i could only run it in high. After that I never plugged it again. The driven pulley I matched up and got from the local bearing dealer the driver I had to do some fancy machining and welding.
will check that out when i get near it next, i did tighten it up last year stopped it slipping,cheers shooter
shooter you should know better by now that sometimes you just need to slow down!
i know hughesy but i like to get the max out of a machine, probably still have it flat if it was a 9870, not a bad idea to slip a second belt on to unblock the beater, i need the dual speed twin belt pully's but can't find them anywhere ?
I dont know if the beater is the same as on the walker machine, but we bought a tool called "The Beater Claw" made by someone in Sask I think. It fits over the pulley and you use a 3/4" drive ratchet to turn it. That being said, we have not plugged the beater since we bought the tool. Im pretty sure it is listed in "The Book". I think the same company makes a hydraulic feederhouse dolly as well.
i'm not sure what "the book " is i tried to google it but didn't find anything on combine's ,
thanks aitkel and imnotbrad this is what i was looking for , i have sent them a question to see if i can fit it on the cts cheers
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