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Benefits of Feederhouse Debris Deflector

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Here's a handy little kit that solves a constant harvest headache. With the evolution toward wider feederhouses, the build up of chaff, fodder and grain on top of a feederhouse during the day creates an ugly mess, fire hazard and potential damage to the cab skirt. These problems can be effectively eliminated by installing the WA Johnson Debris Deflector on your combines. The debris deflector easily attaches with coil springs under the cab skirt and is held in place with two large magnets to the front of the header top beam.
Color coordinated material and stenciled owners name adds to the professional final appearance of your operation. More information is available on this web site.
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We ran one of those for two years on our 2388. They do help somewhat with trash but it still builds up on top of the deflector and has to be cleaned off at night. Ours came with only one spring in the middle at the back, needs two. Maybe they have redesigned that. Also a PITA when trying to get to the feederhouse chain thru the top door. Usually we ended up removing the whole delector,

When we rented the 7010 we moved the deflector over to it. Even though it was a little narrow it seemed to work better on the 7010 than it did the 2388 as far as keeping trash off. I think that was due to the steeper angle of the feederhouse when the head was in operating position allowing trash to slide off the deflector & into the head. Will buy the correct one for the 7010 before harvest.
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