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Best rotor/cylinder drive election

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I always like running polls for elections, this time I think I'll run an election. Re: Unslugging my 2188?
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Yesterday at 6:28pm, hydro100 wrote:
Don- So what you're saying is that at full throttle you throw the switch and nothing slips, pulses, or hesitates? Instant lock up! That's impressive!

Yes that is correct. Now in case your wondering why I know this, we sometimes have swathes that are, how can I put this so Combiness doesn't turf it, are less than desirable. This results in more plugging than direct cut. The 9860/70 has the larger diameter rotor sheaves giving more traction. I have owned/operated a 730 JD, TR 70,95/6/7/8/ Tx68/9750X3/9860X2. Until I got the 9860 I never got more than 100 hours on any threshing belt. My current 9860 belt has 750 hours. In fact that belt broke the anchor that holds rotor gear box in position (one of those never seen that before deals) but I still nominate the 9860/70 rotor drive as the best drive in the industry.

Are there any further nominations?

Or comments?

It's all yours

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Get someone who has a clue what they are doing on a swather.
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I assume this means you have no nomination?

I nominate the Agco axial rotor drive. It is constant speed, can be reversed, and no belts/sheaves, pulleys to break or slip. May not be the most efficient power wise, but it works very well with few problems and has as good as through put as any machine out there.
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